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Braided Necklace Craft

January 05,2012

My daughter loves getting into my necklaces and putting them on as well as popping them in her mouth which freaks me out! I love chunky jewelry and am terrified she'll manage to bite a bead off and choke.

So I made this necklace for her to pop on and because it's braided ribbon there is nothing to bite off and it's held together with velcro that is easy for her to pull off/ pull apart with any pressure. Still all children should be closely supervised when playing with any necklace.

Here are the easy peasy steps.

You will need ribbon in various colors, scissors, velcro fasteners. You may also want a needle and thread to sew the velcro on if you have a little one who likes to try to peel things off and eat them... like I do.

Start by cutting the ribbon into three long strips. Knot one end.


Knot the other end.

Put the velcro on both ends, but only on one color of ribbon. I found that the knots held the necklace together and the velcro keeps it closed. By only putting the closures on one ribbon ( the green in our case) it made it even easier to open with any effort, which to me is important for safety.

Try it on!

See how easy it is to get off?

Definite improvement from chewing on my cheap chunky necklaces.