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Books For When Grandparents Are Sick

May 17,2011

Let's Talk About When Someone You Love Is In A Nursing Home by Diana Star Helmer is a really important and frank look at all the things kids can expect to experience when they visit loved ones in a nursing home.  This book doesn't sugar coat things and gives answers to questions I never even considered like the smell, food and what activities you CAN do while visiting a nursing home. 


Always My Grandpa : A Story for children about Alzheimer's Disease by Linda Sacco PhD is such a great book and if your family has been affected by this heartbreaking disease you must get this book. What is so wonderful about this book is that it touches on so many of the frustrating and hard to accept parts of dealing with a loved one with Alzheimer's. I especially loved how the grandfather was lucid at times, and confused at others. It's hard for kids to understand when someone they love is so different on different days. I also appreciate the way it talks about how angry, sad , helpless and confused it makes the rest of the family too.