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May 08,2009
The concept of Mother's Day is a hard one to grasp for toddlers, but that doesn't mean they can't celebrate by sharing a good book about moms with someone they love. The books I am featuring today are all favorites at our house. When we talk about mommies, these are the ones that I grab first. So this weekend I hope you have a chance to cuddle up with a little person and share some books about moms. Photobucket "Does A Kangaroo Have A Mother,Too?" by Eric Carle is a gem. If you aren't familiar with the author/illustrator you should be,his style is distinctive, and children adore his many books. This book asks a simple question of each animal the reader encounters, does it have a mother too? This helps teach toddlers that their mom while unique to them is something everyone has. Something I love is that the illustrations have all different animals, with all different numbers of babies. My son has recently noticed this and we get a chance to talk about how all families are made up in different ways. Photobucket "Mommy Hugs" by Karen Katz. This book is perfect for babies and young toddlers. It is about all the different kinds of hugs a baby gets from it's mommy throughout the day. Wake up hugs, hugs when you get hurt, hugs at the park and more. Together with the narrator you count from 1-10 hugs as the day goes on. Now that my son is 2 he likes to count and point out the numbers in this book. When he was a baby he loved the bright pictures and would swat at the baby like he was trying to say " Hey that baby looks like me!" It's a sweet and simple book that will grow with your child from birth through to preschool. Photobucket "Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch . This book has been in my library for years. Long before I had my son. I never got it until my son was born, I actually thought it was sorta creepy. The premise is simple, a mom sings this simple song to her son as he grows " I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as you're living , my baby you'll be." The reason I thought it was creepy was that she sneaks into her grown son's house and rocks him. Of course now as a mom I am already mourning the day that my son doesn't need me every 2 minutes like he does now, and god forbid moves away. Now I get it, now I understand. The best part though is that because it's so melodic my son loves it too, and has been able to "read along" with it as I read it to him. Photobucket "Mommy, Mama, and Me" by Lesléa Newman is a lovely simple book about everyday life of a family with two moms. Going to the park, bath time, cooking and bedtime are all included. What I love about this book is that it showcases parts of the day that young toddlers can relate to easily. The situations are not foreign to their experience at all. No matter what the make up of your family is this is a lovely book about moms. The book makes no mention of why the baby has two mommies just that they do all the loving things all families do. Do you have a favorite book about moms? Leave a comment to share! Happy Mother's Day