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Books About Friendship

July 10,2009
The summer is a great time to talk about friendship since your children are probably spending more time with friends now that school is out. These books talk about all the different lessons friendship teaches us. Photobucket Raymond and Nelda by Barbara Bottner. This book is all about two friends, best friends in fact that have a big fight. Feelings are hurt, and it takes time to figure things out but with the help of a caring mail lady they work things out. I think this book is really useful because the friends don't fix things right away. It takes time and for young kids having their first real blow out with a friend knowing that Raymond and Nelda became friends again can be reassuring. Photobucket Bill and Pete by Tomie de Paola is a classic tale of friendship between a big happy go lucky lug of a guy and a smart little sidekick. In this case the lug is a crocodile and his sidekick is a bird . What I love about this book is that there are so many levels that a 2 year old can enjoy it for the basics and older children can use it as a launching pad to learn about illegal poaching. See Bill gets captured by a poacher who wants to turn him into a suitcase! Luckily for him he has his good friend Pete to bravely save him. Photobucket Scardey Squirrel makes a friend by Melanie Watt makes me laugh so hard I keep getting it out of the library and at 2 my son doesn't get the humor so really it's just for me. Scardey Squirrel is the most neurotic, germaphobic anxiety riddled rodent in the world and in this adventure he tries to get past those fears to make a friend.He had a plan , supplies and if he encounters anything too scary he will play dead. Well after playing dead for ages he discovers that something that may be scary at first can turn out ok and friends don't have to be perfect! Photobucket 39 Uses for a Friend by Harriet Ziefert. This little book is really sweet, each page has a picture of a different role friends take. Hairdresser, guard, coach, chef.. are just some of the 39 uses for a friend. I was really surprised by how much my toddler liked this book. I thought it would be a great read for the 3-5 year old crowd but my 2 year old enjoyed pointing out the friends and how he does some of these things with different people in his life. After reading this he referred to me as his "chef" when I made him lunch.