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Books About Dad

June 12,2009
Father's Day is just around the bend and one of our family traditions is to get a book for my son and husband to share together on Father's Day and all year round. Here are a few great reads that we enjoy in our house. Photobucket Hush, Little Alien by Daniel Kirk has been a favorite since we first read it when my son was an infant. It's a reworking of the lullaby "Hush , Little Baby" except it includes aliens, astronauts and laser beans! The bright colors of the illustrations will catch the attention of even young babies, and the text offers up a fun and sweet bed time book for dad and child to share. Photobucket Froggy's Day With Dad by Jonathan London makes everyone in our family laugh. Froggy is not having a great day, all the special things he has planned for his dad keep goofing up. The eggs he makes him for breakfast are filled with shells and fall on the floor, and it's one accident after another at the batting cage and mini golf course. Still even with all the things that go wrong the day with dad was perfect because they spent it together. I like this book, if you normally shy away from series like this I'd suggest picking this book up anyway, you will enjoy it! Photobucket Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney. This book is beautiful, it's amazingly touching but manages to stay clear of the sickeningly sweet over the top mushiness that some books dive into. Big Nutbrown hare and Little Nutbrown hare are getting ready for bed when their conversation goes to how much they love each other. I love this book because for one thing it's about a dad and a son talking about their feelings. It's a genuine story about two people who love each other in ways that words really can't explain. Photobucket My Daddy and Me by Amy E Sklansky is a warm book about all the different things children do with their dads,in all seasons. My husband read this to my son the other night at bedtime story time and it was lovely to watch my son say "We do that! Daddy and me hide and seek" when we read the page about playing hide and seek. They both enjoyed the book and it's nice to see how differently my son reacted to my husband reading it to him , vs. his lackluster reaction when I did.