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Bomb and Blast Painting

June 10,2011

It was a quick change for us my son went from wanting to save everyone as a fire fighter in his pretend play to wanting to bomb and blast everyone to smithereens. To use that energy for good we've incorporated it into our creative time. This was fun and even though he just though he was bombing with water colors he was also using fine motors skills - which is so important as he continues to improve skills like writing that depend on them.

Gather your materials. You will need some water colors, a eye dropper, paper and an empty squeeze bottle .

Start by flooding the water colors.

Suck up paint in the eye dropper

Drop the paint bombs.

Blast them with air! ( if you don't have squeeze bottles try a straw and blow).

How do you wrangle your children's extra energy, or enthusiasm for things you aren't totally comfortable with?