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Board Books About Animals.

January 20,2010
Board books are great for babies and toddlers but many preschoolers still enjoy them too! Here are a few fun board books about animals that can help teach your little one all about creatures big and small. Animals by A. Barlow. This simple little book devotes one page to a familiar animal and one adjective describing the animal like the fluffy sheep and tall giraffe. The illustrations are bold and bright and this makes a great book for your smallest animal lover. How Big Is A Pig? by Claire Beaton is a cute and and educational book about animals on the farm and the concept of opposites. A little pig goes through the farm and as she does she sees thin and fat cows, hens that are in and out, bees flying high and low and so much more! I love the rhyming text and the felt fabric illustrations. Moo, Baa, La La La by Sandra Boynton is a classic board book so I was not sure I'd include it but in case you are new to this toddler favorite I'll tell you why I love it. It's a silly book about animal sounds. Kids love to correct the narrator of a book when they are incorrect and this book offers up the chance to do just that! My Big Animal Book by Roger Priddy is an effective non fiction board book for young kids. The text is very simple, each page asks a question with clues to which animal the narrator is looking for, along with the many pictures of animals that are all labeled. I have used this book when answering my son's questions about specific animals, grabbing it to show him what a specific animal looks like. Great for teaching about animals your child might not see in their every day life.