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Blotto Butterfly

May 15,2009
Photobucket Sticking with the theme from yesterday we made a butterfly, but not just any butterfly -- a blotto one! By painting only one side of the paper, and folding it over you have a perfect mirror image. After making this one we made 3 more. 1. Gather your materials. You will need 2 pieces of construction paper, a piece of plain white paper, paint, paint brush, scissors, and glue. Photobucket 2. Start by folding your white paper in two. Explain to your child to only paint on one half. Photobucket 3. While they paint, fold one piece of construction paper in half and cut out an outline of a butterfly. Photobucket 4. When they are done painting, fold the other half over the paint and press. Photobucket 5. Cut the folded painting into the shape of the butterfly, by using the middle piece as a guide. Photobucket 6. Open the painted butterfly and glue onto the other piece of construction paper. Glue the outline on top. Photobucket