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Birthday Card Puppet

July 05,2011

My daughter loves this birthday card she got from her brother for her birthday so to make the fun last longer we turned it into a puppet!

You will need a card with a picture on it, scissors, tape, crayons and a paper bag.

Start by coloring your paper bag

Cut your picture out. You can do this two ways, you can cut the head in two and body separately so that your puppet can "talk" or you can do it the way we did cutting out the whole body. We will only attach the head to the bottom of the bag so the doll will "dance".


Attach the picture to the bag using tape. Be careful with littles ones and tape , if you are going to let toddlers play with this vs just be entertained by it, use glue. We didn't want to wait and have no intention of letting her handle it yet. This is a fun tool for us to entertain her.

Play!  We made ours dance much to my daughter's glee while I fixed breakfast to quell the highchair fussies!