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Best Homemade Bubbles!

May 24,2010
I must disclose that I loathe bubbles, not the round fun floaty things that kids chase so much as the slimy solution that seems to find it's way onto me all the time! Still there is no reason to buy bottle after bottle this summer when you can make your own and save money, time and packaging. After trying 4 different recipes our favorite was this one from San Francisco's Exploratorium : 1 gallon of water 2/3 cup (160 ml) of dish washing liquid 1 tablespoon of glycerin At first I was like I doubt my pharmacy will have glycerin ( I live in a small town) but sure enough they did! I followed the suggestion to let the solution sit for a day , well mine sat for 4 because the weather decided that rain was on the agenda. These really are the best bubbles I have ever used!