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Beat Summer Boredom!

July 16,2010
Allison is on maternity leave, so in the meantime, the staff here at FE will be posting some guest posts until she gets back. ************* The rest of the year we wonder, what are the summertime blues? What could possibly be wrong with summer? And then mid-July rolls around and we kind of get it.

It's hot. The kids are bored. You don't want to just turn on the TV or spend a lot of money to keep them occupied. You're about to go crazy.

So how about these 11 great ideas to help keep your kids engaged and keep you sane?

There are some classics, some new ideas, some things for your artsy child, and some for your busy body. And check out even more summer boredom cures here.

Good luck, and hang in there until September! As soon as school starts, you'll forget what those midsummer blues feel like again.