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Bath Time Icebergs !

July 06,2009
Photobucket I don't know about your children but mine goes through loving baths to hating baths, there never seems to be an in between. When he is in a hating phase we make these, and he jumps right in! 1. Gather your materials. You will need a plastic container, a toy , food coloring ( optional) and water. Photobucket 2. Pour some water into the container. Add a little blue food coloring. Photobucket 3. Pop in the toy. Photobucket 4. Freeze. Photobucket 5. Add in more water and freeze immediately to keep the toy frozen in the middle. 6. Pop out of the container and have fun in the bath. My son loves holding it in the water counting to 3 and taking it out, to see how much has melted! Photobucket