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Ballet Books

September 25,2009
Having a son we read our fair share of truck, train and dinosaur books, but just because he naturally goes towards those types of books doesn't mean it's all we read. He greatly enjoyed all these books as well, especially the last. Lili on Stage by Rachel Isadora is a cute story about Lili a little dancer who is in a production of The Nutcracker. The book offers a behind the scenes look at being a child performer in a professional ballet. From waiting backstage, getting nervous in the wings and the rush of being on stage are all part of this lovely book. Ballerina Dreams by Lauren Thompson will inspire you. The book is a non fiction account of a special ballet performance. Five little girls have the dream that so many do, to be a ballerina but these little girls have an added challenge , Cerebral Palsy. A truly inspiring account of friendship and overcoming adversity. Young children will enjoy the photographs although the text will be much too long, instead you can share tid bits and using it as a chance to explore the topic of disabilities and challenges we all face. Belinda Begins Ballet by Amy Young is my kind of ballet book. First of all there are sparkles on the cover, and who doesn't love sparkles?! The story is sweet, a little girl is forced into being a clown for the talent show because she has huge "clown" feet, but her real dream is to be a ballerina. In the end she shows her true talent and the message for children is clear, work hard and be true to yourself.