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Back-to-school Backpack Tags!

August 09,2010
School is fast approaching, if it's not already here. One thing I loved about getting ready for school was buying school supplies and a new backpack! Well this craft will help keep your kid's backpack from getting lost and your child will have fun and gain pride making it themselves. 1. Gather your materials. You will need some business cards ( or card stock cut to that size), some markers, stickers, some contact paper, scissors and a hole punch. 2. Have your child color the back side of 2 of the cards ( I am making 2 tags). 3. Write or if they are able have your child their name on the other cards. 4. Add stickers in whatever theme your child loves. 5. Put the cards back to back and sandwich inside contact paper. 6. Trim and punch a hole to attach it to a backpack or lunch box!