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Baa Baa ! Books About Sheep!

April 02,2010
While looking for cute spring books at the library I found these three and had to share. One Little Lamb by Elaine Greenstein is a sweet simple book about sheep and how we get wool from them, make it into yarn, and knit it into mittens. I really love this book because each page is dedicated to a simple step in the process which gives parents or teachers ample time to talk and teach about each step. The adorable illustrations are a bonus as well. Sheep Out to Eat by Margot Apple is a wonderful book for children learning to rhyme. The text is silly and fun and filled to the gills with rhymes. Rhyming is an essential skill for literacy and books like these are really so important. Very cute book. The Lamb Who Came For Dinnerby Steve Smallman is so funny I think I may have laughed more than my son . It's a dark tale about a wolf looking for dinner and a lamb looking for somewhere to take shelter from the cold. It doesn't take long before the lamb has warmed the wolf's hard heart but still the wolf sends the lamb away...but not for good. I was worried at first that this book would scare my son but it's such a sweet tale in the end it was perfect.