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Author Showcase : Lois Ehlert

May 15,2010
Lois Ehlert has written and or illustrated many books. Any public library will have a good number of her books available in the children's section and rightfully so. She makes unique, entertaining and dynamic books for kids. Hands I had never read this book before grabbing it at my library this week, and I am so sad I missed it for so long. This little book has a great message. It's all about a daughter watching her parents create by building , sewing and gardening. She too creates both my watching, helping then painting. Making things with your hands isn't just something you pick up, it's something you learn from your very first teachers. The book is a mix of fun shaped pages, flaps to flip and photos and illustrations. My son loved the variety and so did I. In My World is a great book for toddlers. There are cut outs of shapes of animals, plants, and more. On every page they create different beautiful patterns as you flip the pages. The text is simple and not too long for even the youngest most eager to turn the pages themselves ( you know how toddlers are!)kiddos. Fascinating book about all sorts of natural wonders from worms to stars. Wag A Tail is a book about good dogs who are well behaved at the farmer's market until...they can't take it any longer and must get to the dog park. The rhyming text is fantastic for preschoolers and the fun mixed media illustrations make the dogs feel like they are popping off the pages. Our favorite part though came at the very end with a guide to all the dogs, with their pictures, breed and temperament. Kids will relate to having to be well behaved when it's hard and then letting loose when the leash is off !