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Author Showcase : Karen Katz

March 18,2010
I have been digging through our board books again as I prepare the nursery for our upcoming addition. One of my very favorite authors for babies is Karen Katz ( she is a great author all around too). Here are 4 of her books I think you should check out. Where Is Baby's Beach Ball? Karen Katz's Lift the Flap Books are stellar! In this book the cute red headed baby is at the beach looking for her beach ball. She ( and your child) looks behind beach bags, boats, sandcastles and more looking for it. Before finding the ball she finds crabs, an octopus and even flying fish! What is brilliant about these books is that they are dynamic but don't encourage rough handling of the flaps like some books do. Babies love to play peek a boo and this book does just that in a fun summer theme. Where is Baby's Birthday Cake? This was a favorite of my son's when he was a baby because not only are there flaps to lift but the pictures under the flaps are shiny! Baby is looking for her cake and in the process finds shiny birthday hats, balloons and more. Don't underestimate the power of books like these to teach new words to your young child either. It's a simple, pretty little gem! ten tiny babies is the only non board book in my list. Instead it's a fun counting book for toddlers who are starting to count . Kids love younger children, they love feeling big and my son loves counting these babies who are all doing different actions from jumping, to eating to wiggling their toes. I like that the babies are diverse, all shades of skin color, all different hair color too. The text is simple but will keep even preschoolers counting and wiggling along with it. Twinkle Toes This is another dynamic book great for babies and toddlers. Instead of the first two this isn't a lift the flap book, instead it's a touch and feel book. Filled with different textures that go along with all sorts of activities babies do from dancing, swimming and playing dress up. Young kids learn through all senses to incorporating touch into reading is a brilliant idea, and even better when they are matched up with Karen Katz's rhyming text and sunny illustrations. * disclosure : All these books were generously loaned to me by my public library. It's an amazing resource, check it out!