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Apple Print Flowers

August 05,2009
Using fruits and vegetables for print making is pretty classic, easy and fun. This activity turns plain old apple prints into pretty flowers simply by cutting a few wedges out of the apple. Photobucket 1.Gather your materials. You will need an apple, some paint, paper, a plate, a knife to cut the apple with and a marker. Photobucket 2. Start by cutting the apple in half, and cutting out 4 small wedges. Photobucket 3. Spread some paint out on your plate and dip it in. Photobucket 4. Print it onto your paper. Photobucket 5. Add your next color of paint, I didn't wipe the previous off at all, just added the next. Keep going with new colors until you are happy with it. 6. Draw your stems or vines with a green marker, let dry. Photobucket