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Alphabet Clean Up !

August 19,2009
I try to fit learning into our every day fun, and what is more fun to a toddler or preschooler than making something disappear? You aren't limited to letters either, shapes,numbers, even sight words for older kids. Photobucket 1. Gather your materials. You will need a shallow tub of water, a paint roller, sidewalk chalk and a a patio , driveway or sidewalk to write on. The helmet is purely decorative. 2. Write out your letters all over your patio. If your child is old enough to have them write them, or have an older sibling join in on the fun. 3. Grab the roller and either have them choose and label the letters as they roll the water over them and erase them. Or you can make it challenging by saying " Erase the letter that the word apple starts with" for example. My son is learning phonics right now so I made the sounds for him to identify and then erase that letter. Photobucket