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7 Fun Activities to Add To Your Summer Bucket List!

July 28,2011

I have heard from many parents how with school budget cuts their children are going on fewer field trips with school. So during the summer it's even more important to get thee to museums, farms, zoos and other special events to broaden your child's horizons, see things first hand , touch and feel and experience ! Here are 6 fun places to check out :

1. The Zoo - ok so this is probably not new to you but when was the last time you went? This is a must in my book. Seeing animals up close is such a wonderful launch pad to come home and learn about them.

2. Sculpture Parks. Most cities have one and the sculptures are free to be climbed on as well as admired. Talk about how the artist made it, why they wanted to make this and then go home and make your own!

3. Fire Open Houses, Touch a Truck Etc... most cities also open up their fire departments for a day of fun once a year. If not phone your local department and see if they do tours for small groups. The lessons they learn are truly life saving!

4. Military Museums, Ship Tours Etc... We live near a Navy base and touring this very cool retired destroyer was probably one of the highlights of my son's summer. He got all dressed for the occasion and we had a blast going up and down all the hatches and seeing what life would have been like on the ship.

5. Local Farms. Petting , working or historic farms are all often open to the public at least to some degree or another. Being outside , seeing workers do their chores and getting close to animals are all some of the pluses of this frugal activity.

6. Your own backyard.  I think sometimes we forget how much fun our kids can have from simply running through a sprinkler in their own backyard!