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5 ways to keep learning AFTER the field trip

June 22,2011

Maybe it's the teacher in me but whenever we go to special events, out to places like the zoo, aquarium or museums I call these outings "family field trips". We get excited about them and we also use them for learning ( kids are always learning!). When you are at the special event or sight make sure to take in any extra you cam that will benefit your children. Maybe it's a feeding demo at the zoo, how to make horse shoes at the historical village or butter making at the farm... whatever it is these extra things seem small to us but are great memories for our kids.

Take pictures!

1. After you get home watch a slide show of those pictures and ask your child to re count what was happening in each. Just let them chatter away . You can also print them out and make a mini scrap book.

2. Go to the library and find books together about the topic of your field trip .

3. Play Dress Up - a farmer, astronaut, heck even a fast food drive thru worker! Pretend play is crucial for young kids so try as often as possible to practice going a long with their scenarios. After our visit to the firehouse my son dressed up ( well stayed dressed up) and took me on a tour of his firehouse (our house) it was awesome!

4. Send a picture to a friend or family member about what you did and invite them to come a long next time.

5. Send thank you notes to the venue with a picture drawn by your kids. It teaches gratitude and works on writing skills!