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5 Tips - Traveling Alone With A Baby

February 07,2011

This isn't my normal post but after mentioning that I recently traveled across the country with my 7 month old alone to many other moms, and their immediate questions and requests for advice I thought's I'd write a  tip post.

1. Extra Time - Give yourself as much of this as possible, your baby will need a diaper change at the most inconvienient times, security will take longer when you are trying to get everyhting on the belt while holding a baby and getting from point A to point B simply takes longer when you aren't solo.

2. A Baby carrier. Ditch or do what I did and check the stroller at check in. If your baby has a seat and a carseat take the whole shebang to the gate but if your baby is a lap infant don't take the extra baggage to the gate. It's much easier to go through security and to the bathroom with them strapped to you .

3. Security Tips - get bins, put your shoes, their shoes, your bag and coat in the bin, if you have a computer get a bin for it. Keep baby in carrier until the last minutes then pop it off and put it in the first bin . After you walk through put the baby back on you first, then shoes, then computer then their shoes.

4. Ipod.  My daughter is a great traveler and it wasn't until our transfer to the hotel that she lots it but when she did all that calmed her down was the Backyardigans. No she does not regularly watch TV, not ever but the bright pictures and high voices were a god send to the poor people stick in our car.

5. Something to suck on to relieve pressure  - whether you nurse, use a paci or bottle feed have it ready for take off and landing. I am lucky both my son and my daughter are great nursers and would nurse during take off and usually be out for a few hours only to wake and nurse again.