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5 Summer Tools For Learning !

May 27,2010
The summer is a time of freedom for many kids so we as parents need to work even harder to providing an environment where play hides the learning or at least jazzes it up so they still feel refreshed come September. Here are 5 fun tools for learning all summer long that won't make your kids feel like they are in school. 1. A Play structure or access to a playground. Kids who get enough gross motor play are better able to concentrate on other tasks like reading and problem solving. Get your kids moving and they will also be thinking. 2. Side walk chalk. It's cheap, it's creative and if you need some ideas of how to use it check out this post. 3. A library card. Rainy days, too hot to be outside days, and really any day in between can be made better by trip to the library. Whether it's to use their computers , check out the free programs they offer or check out a stack of books there is no excuse to skip it this summer. Oh and a card is free too. 4. Watering Can They sell tiny ones for toddlers and everything up to giant ones even I can't lift when full but I have never met a child who isn't crazy about water. Give them the chore of watering the plants on your apartment deck or huge backyard. Responsibility is an amazing lesson in itself but this could spark interest in gardening, healthy eating and so much more. 5. Summer journal. Doesn't have to be fancy, just a notebook with blank pages. Ask them to jot down memories, draw pictures, glue photos in, whatever they want. Give them a few extra minutes before bed to write , doodle and create lasting memories.