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5 Low Mess Craft Materials

April 10,2011

We are in the very stressful process of selling our house and with 2 blogs about crafts to write I can't just stop them all together while I wait for a sale. Instead we are using these 5 low mess materials a lot!

1. Stickers!  Easy to find stickers are a great way to add color to crafts without splattering paint all over.

2. Double Stick Tape! With this there is no need to scrub glue off your floor or walls!

3. Sticky Back Foam. Great for collages and more you can even get glittered foam - yes glitter can even be low mess!

4. Washable markers, paint and crayons.  It makes all the difference! If you are trying to keep a house spotless try Color Wonder or Aqua Doodle.

5. Use Your Recycling ! My art supply closet was a huge walk in closet full of everything but now wanting to show off the closet's storage not my impressive collection of paper I am using paper grocery bags, cereal boxes etc...  then my recycling bin stays under control and my closet stays clutter free.

As thankful I am for these options I can't wait to be free to make huge day long creative messes again soon!