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5 Blogs I Am Thankful For

November 24,2011

Bloggers don't have a staff room, while we do have conference it's hit or miss if you will see each other there , and trying to get a hold of another blogger by phone is about as hard as hearding cats. However I am so completely thankful for other bloggers who share the same triumphs and frustrations and most of all passion for getting kids to learn.

Amy from Teach Mama

Janae for I Can Teach My Child

Cathy at Nurture Store

Marie from Make and Takes


Deborah from Teach Preschool

If you have never been to their sites I will chat with you next week because it will take that long for you to sort through all the brilliant ideas for learning, kids crafts and just plain old great writing. This is by no means an exhaustive list , there are so many great blogs out there but my turkey is calling my name.

I hope your thanksgiving is filled with reflection on not just the people in your neighborhood or office you are thankful for but those many miles and a few time zones away who still touch your lives.

Happy Thanksgiving.