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5 activities for kids home sick from school

January 07,2011

We travel every Christmas from our home in Washington State to Texas to spend a week or so with my husband's family. I am blessed with good travelers, no bribes were even needed for either plane ride. One unwanted thing we did get was a nasty cough and ear infection. So now that was are home we are in our PJs , unable to go to preschool, play dates, the library... to say we are going a little stir crazy is accurate. Here are 5 activities besides napping to keep your sanity, and your sick kid happy when you are quarantined at home.

1. Special Art Projects

At our house window crayons are a huge treat that comes out for times like these where energy is low but creativity is still full speed. Fun, easy to clean and great for developing writing skills.

2. Old is New

Spend a few minutes gathering some toys your child hasn't played with in ages and put them in a basket or tote. Going through them will be fun and anything they are still not interested in playing with can be tagged for donation or your next garage sale .

3. Trip Down Memory Lane.

My son loves this. We snuggle on my bed , grab the lap top and go through old photos! We watch them as a slideshow and often have to pause it to tell stories and answer questions. I am always amazed by the things he remembers.

4. Puzzles and Board Games

Puzzles and Board Games are a perfect activity for sick days. They use brain power not brawn to complete and offer great opportunities for family together time even when sick.

5. Library from your couch!

Most libraries have great websites that allow you to reserve books online. Sit down and do a few searches , reserve them online and pick them up when you feel better or in our case get dad to get them on his way home.  I love this because it teaches some basic research skills as well as gets him excited about books!