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3 songs, 1 tune!

February 24,2011

All three of these songs use the very familiar tune of " I'm a little tea pot" to help teach lessons about nature! Don't be shy about singing with your kids, you don't have to be a wonderful singer, just have fun.

Little Fishy

I'm a little fishy watch me go,I swim fast and I swim slow.

When the day is over it's time to sleep I swim up high and dive down deep!

Little Daisy

I'm a little daisy tall and slim here are petals and here is my stem.

When the sun comes up and the rain comes down I grow and grow up from the ground!

Little Penguin

I'm a little penguin black and white, short and wobbly an adorable sight!

I'm a bird that doesn't fly but I love to swim so I'll waddle to the sea and dive right in!