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3 Sidewalk Chalk Activities

May 06,2010
I hope the weather where you are is warmer than ours in Western Washington, it's been horrible and I can't wait to get outside more to learn! Here are 3 great activities you can do with sidewalk chalk : 1. Sidewalk Spray! Grab your hose and some washable sidewalk chalk . Write letters, numbers and make shapes with the chalk. Then have your child spray them off with the hose while you yell them out. This was a huge hit with my son last summer and easily adaptable for 2-10 year olds. For the older kids this is a great way to keep up with sight words over the summer. 2. Nature Counting Grab your sidewalk chalk ( who knew this stuff was so great ?) and write out numbers 1-10 then have your child find that many things in your yard. 1 rock, 2 leaves, 3 twigs etc... it's simple, but fun and really gets your child exploring and counting! 3. Giant Coloring Book My son is reluctant to do things he's not perfect at, so to get him to enjoy colors, and coloring outside on the patio I helped him a little. I would draw large outlines of cars, flowers, trees, when he was napping then invite him out to color them in, an add his personal touches. Almost every time we did this he could go ahead and draw his own as well as color the pre made ones in.