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3 Nature Activities Inside!

February 17,2011

I used to be outside a lot more but now with an infant I am not as brave to go outside when it's windy, wet or snowing. I still want to teach my kids about the outdoors even if we are inside more than out. Here are 3 quick and fun ways to bring outside in.

  1. Mud Puddles in the kitchen.  Gather some potting soil , some fun plastic animal toys ( salamanders, frogs and bugs are our favorites), a dish tub and an old ratty towel. Hand your child a small bowl of water and a spoon and count how many spoons it takes of "rain" to turn the soil into mud. Play with the animals.
  2. Leaf sorting. I love doing this in the spring time. If it's really easy to gather a mix of leaves, come inside and practice typing skills by searching through pictures ( we use google images) of leaves until you find a match. I know this sounds tedious but trust me it's a huge hit at our house. I like how many different things my son is learning with it too.
  3. Sun prints. Get some bright construction paper , your sunniest window and some toys. Place the toys on the paper and let it sit in the sun for a few days. Move the toys and see how the sun has changed the paper that was not covered by the toys. Talk about how the sun can change our skin.