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3 Fun Ways To Say Thanks

December 27,2011

The holidays are a great time to teach kids about gratitude. Teaching kids to say thanks is an important lesson that needs to be taught more than once for them to understand it's importance and function in polite society.  Thank yous don't have to be notes ( though here is a cute one if you want it to be) here are 3 fun ways to say thanks with your kids help.

1. Take a video! Family near and far will love to see your kids saying thanks, or if they are too little just playing with the toys they got them this holiday. Post it to facebook, send it in an email or upload it to YouTube for viewing.

2. Take a photo. I know it seems odd to many of us in the digital generations to not have email, or access to the internet but yes it still exisits. For these family members and friends take a good old picture of your kids smiling with the gift and include a personal note.  You can even add text right to the photo like we did above.

3. Finally get your paints, glitter and crayons out and create a picture of the item and send it off for an artistic thank you. You will be teaching your kids about manners and having creative fun at the same time.