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3 dress up must haves!

April 20,2010
When your 18 month old walks in your shoes, or when your 3 year old turns the kitchen chairs into a bus they aren't just messing with your things. They are practicing rules, social conventions and learning more than one would think at first. In order to support this I urge all families to have a dress up bin! It doesn't have to be huge or cost you much to set up either. Here are my 3 must haves for every dress up bin: 1. Shoes Old rain boots, high heels, either old ones from your own closet, deals you have found at a garage sale or even those little plastic princess ones you can buy. There is something magical when you put on different shoes! 2.Hats My son is often at the market with his fireman hat on, when he puts it on he's not a 3 year old picking up milk and apples with his mom, he transforms into a fireman! Winter hats, crowns, even homemade ones are a perfect addition to your bin! 3.Wallets and Purses These aren't just fun to use as an accessory it also opens the door for money play. Whether they turn the playroom into a store, restaurant or our usual... Starbucks, having somewhere to keep imaginary ( or play) money will support further pretend play. Fill out the rest of your bin with things you find here and there. Bunny ears, goggles, sun glasses, old Halloween costumes ... anything that helps your child build their imagination !