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3 Cheap But Meaningful Valentine's Day Activities

January 30,2011

1 .Storytime with  hot chocolate and heart shapped marshmallows

We did this ( with regular marshmallows) for Christmas and it was my son's favorite activity we did for the holidays. I already have some special Valentine's Day books put aside and my eye on those heart shapped marshmallows that are only in the store for a few weeks! It doesn't take long so even the businest family can make time for this.

2. Share Some Love

When better to teach your child about giving love than Valentine's Day? Go to the store with your child and  a pre set amount of money . Have your child buy some of their favorite foods then go to your local food bank to share some love and donate them.

3. Write Some Love Letters.

Wether your child is 2 or 12 you can help them craft some letters to grand parents or other family members who aren't privy to the good night hugs and kisses although I am sure they would love to be. Draw pictures , write about your day , cover it all in red heart stickers... it doesn't matter how it looks, it really is the thought that counts. Trust me they will love it.