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July 30,2010
On Wednesday, T. and I spent three hours at the pool--it was just what I needed to get away from the roller coaster week. (On Thursday, T. and I went thrift store shopping--it was also just what I needed.) The water was, for a change, cool, and the sky was a clear bright blue, instead of the usual muggy, thundery gray. I floated on my back and watched a red wing hawk screech and bank high above the pine trees. Later, while T. munched on a peanut butter sandwich and some cold grapes, I chatted with a neighbor. "Three more weeks until school starts," she pointed out, half-wistfully, half-gleefully, as she watched her kids splashing in the shallow end. "Are you looking forward to it?" I asked. "Yes and no," she said. "But it's good for my kids when I get a chance to miss them." What a good way of putting things, I thought, so grateful for her wisdom. ********** We’re headed out-of-town today for a whirlwind, very packed weekend to attend a wedding. We're going to get the chance to eat here, and here, and maybe--just maybe--I can convince Scott to make a stop here. I’m happy for the chance to get away—road trips are always good for my soul, and sometimes a change of scenery is the best tonic for those late July-early August dog days. Happy Weekend! See you back on the other side...