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Sweet summer

July 03,2011

It's hot. It's been really hot for days now. L. and I have settled into a nice routine during the week. Scott drops him off outside our school chapel at 12:15, right after my class ends. I walk out into the heat, blinded by the light from the bright sun. The warmth feels so good on my skin, though, after hours inside air-conditioned classrooms. Back in my office he sits at my colleague's computer and reads quietly while I photocopy, meet with students, and prepare for classes the next day. If I move quickly I can reward myself with time to work on my writing project. Sometimes L.'s gets a little restless, maybe an hour into it all, and we'll pack up and head to the public library. There I can open up my laptop again while L. browses the library catalog, and I can write. It's a glorious thing.

The other day we walked back to the car from the library and passed the corner market. An outdoor display was groaning under the weight of piles of heavy, green and white seedless watermelons. We picked out the biggest and most promising looking and took it home. After I picked up T. from school I cut it open (don't you love that signature cracking sound a good melon makes when you pry it in half?). I cut up half, and turned the rest into the kids' favorite summery dessert: melon ice.