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Sick day

September 30,2010
I stayed home from work yesterday morning--something I hardly ever do. But since getting sick with the dreaded swine flu last year (it was horrible, truly awful) I've decided that dragging myself to work when I'm not feeling well just isn't worth it to anyone. I used to feel incredibly anxious when contemplating whether or not I should, or could, stay home. What about my students? What about the material we were supposed to cover? How will they get on without me (perfectly fine, as it turns out). Then one morning last year, when I was first feeling the beginnings of the flu, I called my colleague and friend to tell her I was trying to decide whether to come in or not she said: "We're not brain surgeons, you know." And then I realized: it's okay to stay home, the world won't stop, no one's life depends on me, thank goodness, at that very moment. I think my body came crashing down on me on Tuesday night--that morning, as I wrote about yesterday, we had that very early IEP meeting and, although I wasn't feeling well, adrenaline got me up and running, and through the meeting, and through my morning class. All afternoon, fighting feverish chills, I kept telling myself: if I can just make it to 4:00 pm I'll be okay, because 4:00 pm was that magic time that I'd be back home again with the kids and I could, finally, at long last, hit the couch. And I did, and I actually took a nap while T. watched Wordgirl, which must have meant I really was sick, since, like my kids, I only ever nap when I am. Today I'm feeling better, and it was therapeutic in and of itself to spend the morning and early afternoon home with L., who seemed happy and carefree to just float around the house from one thing to the next while I lay on the couch and graded quizzes and dozed, and blew my nose. I took him to the doctor's office with me and he had a great time looking through a human anatomy book ("So THAT's what a gallbladder looks like," he said in excitement. "I've always wondered what it looks like") and swiped a pair of sterile gloves from the restroom ("So I don't get dirt on my Calvin & Hobbes books"). I'll be back on Friday with a yummy recipe post--the results will be perfect for packing into school lunches, or for a portable feast (or appetizer for a party). Until then, stay healthy...