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Monday snapshot

January 16,2012

I have a big birthday party post simmering on the back burner, but I'll have it up tomorrow. It was a busy, fun-filled weekend, and I spent most of Sunday in recovery mode after T.'s party: just enjoying a day to unwind, and soak up the quiet. I went for a long run in the morning (I love it when it's cold out, and the air just winds its way all through you and wakes you up) , and we visited the flea market (the kids scored some books!), and Scott's mom and I took L. to see "The Adventures of Tintin" while Scott and T. headed off to a Y-Princess meeting.

If you  have a Tintin lover in your house, I really recommend the film. It was great fun, the story was well-developed (a merging of two Tintin adventure books, L. tells me), and I can't remember the last time I so thoroughly enjoyed a simple, good adventure tale. On the way home L. proceeded to tell us, in  great detail, all the ways in which the film deviated from the two books it was based on. He enjoyed the movie version, though, and was so excited on the drive to the movie theater.

And today we have a Monday off, thanks to the birth of this great man.  This morning, as T. and I were mixing up pancake batter, she said:

"Happy birthday, Martin Luther King, Jr.! It's an honor to almost share a birthday with you."