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Feed the fever

March 04,2011

I had a post in mind for today--a little bit of a soapbox post on schools and reading and assessments. But it's Friday, and I wrote some heavy pieces this week, and I feel the need for a little break, I think (maybe you do, too?). Today is the first Friday of the month, and we're hosting our neighborhood Supper Club tonight. The theme: Spring Fever! Temperatures are supposed to be high today and all through the weekend and spring fever has definitely hit us hard. We are all craving the need for a fresh start, for some renewal, for a new beginning. We ate dinner on the porch on Wednesday night, and lit our tiki lights and Annie cat was beside herself with joy at the chance to sit at the top of her porch cat tree(she's so spoiled--she has a cat tree inside and have the breeze ruffle her whiskers. We brought the rabbit out with us for dinner, too, and although he's getting on in bunny years, he seemed reinvigorated by the warm air, and the presence of all of us around the porch table again. 

When it comes to thinking about food that feeds a case of Spring Fever, I can come up with lots of menu options. One friend is planning on bringing fresh spring rolls, which to me alway exemplify quick warm-weather meals. For me, the best springy foods are those that require hardly any cooking: dishes of different olives, hummus and pita bread, cucumbers and tomatoes, cold salads like tabouleh and rice pilafs with dried fruits and nuts. So far I'm planning on making these delightful no-bake cookies, Scott's favorites, an edamame salad, a green salad with lots of fresh veggies, peanut noodles, and having lots of fresh fruit out for the kids.

I hope some warm weather comes your way this weekend, too.


Happy weekend!