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Carpe diem

August 12,2011

Sometimes life calls for a little spontaneity. You have to put aside the to-do lists and the schedules and the deadlines and turn your back on the laundry. You have to listen to your husband every now and then and load the kids up into the family van along with the buckets and shovels and chairs and towels and the beach umbrella. You have to put together a quick picnic with only a bag of bagels and a jar of peanut butter and a few apples and be okay that it's not homemade spring rolls and watermelon slices and other beach picnic favorites.

Everybody needs a day to fill up their eyes and souls with this

a day when work looks like this

and this

or this

Because life is too short, and the kids grow up too fast, and there just aren't enough days like the ones that really count.


Happy Weekend!