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Carpe diem

March 16,2011

Thanks to two snow make-up days for L., who should have been on Spring Break all this week (and next week, too), Scott and I were able to grab a little alone time earlier this week. We spent Monday doing laundry and yard work together (not very romantic, I know), and I was very tempted to use our kid-free time on Tuesday to do more of the same. When Scott got home from taking L. to school, and I got home from taking T., we sat at the kitchen table and contemplated the day.

"Here's my list of things we need to do today," I announced, and it included exciting things like steam cleaning the office carpet, reorganizing the bins in the crawl space, doing several more loads of laundry, changing the rabbit's cage, cleaning out the van, and fixing a broken dresser drawer in L.'s room, and tackling more of the overgrown ivy from the front beds.

Scott looked thoughtful for a few moments.

"What is it?" I asked. "Can't decide which project to start first?"

As it turned out, though, he was thinking it all sounded a little...NOT fun at all.

So we turned our backs on the laundry and the dirty minivan, and on my pet Spring Break mini project: the steam-cleaning of the office carpet, and headed out to spend the afternoon together. Sometimes it's easy, as busy parents, to fall into that trap of using free time to catch-up on household jobs; then before you know it 3:00 rolls around and it's time to pick up the kids, make dinner, clean up, and get everyone into bed on time. I'm grateful that Scott talked me into closing the door on it all yesterday. 

We drove to a nearby favorite town, browsed through some funky stores, stopped at a record/music shop, had lunch at our favorite type of restaurant--a hole-in-the-wall type Mexican place that served up a mean vegetarian burrito with black beans. On our way home we spent too long browsing through the huge book section at a thrift store. 


It's Spring Break this week! We're heading out of town today, to Washington D.C. first, and then to Maryland to spend a couple of days with my family. On Friday we'll be leaving the kids with my parents and heading into D.C. for a "date night"--dinner at an Indian restaurant located in one of our favorite parts of the city. Sixteen years ago we had our first date at an Indian restaurant in that same part of Washington, D.C., so it seems fitting to find our way back there after all these years. I'm not sure what's taken us so long, but I'm very much looking forward to the evening out.

We also have plans for several family outings during our days away: a visit here (T. has been really interested in all the American history she's learned at school this year), and here, to one of L.'s all-time favorite places, and hopefully an outing here, if it's still open, so T. can show off her skating skills. 

See you back here on Friday!