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Bag of Tricks: End-of-grade testing survival tips, by L.

May 03,2010
One of the best things about writing for Family Education is that I get to write every day. One of the hardest things is that...I get to write every day. Most of the time I have lots to say, every day. Maybe too much, you might say. But on Sunday morning, as we sat outside on the porch eating pancakes and sweating already even though it was only 9:00 am, I mentioned to my family that I had nothing to write about. I've been grading all weekend--in every spare moment, first thing after breakfast, and into the night. I've been dreaming about grading, and waking up, hoping it was all indeed done, to find the piles still sitting on the kitchen table. My brain cells are a tad fried. "Why don't YOU write something," I said jokingly to L. who, also like me, often has something to say. He perked up. "Really? Could I really?" The EOG's (End-of-Grade-Testing for our state) are this week. Last year I wrote several columns about the EOG testing process. It was an anxiety-filled, frustrating time for all of us, but more so for L., of course, because he was the one taking the tests. "Why don't you write something about taking the EOG's?" I suggested to L., who immediately jumped on the idea and raced off to the laptop to get started. So here, below, are L.'s "tips and tricks" for how to survive the EOG testing process--from a fourth-grader's perspective: How to survive the EOG's, by L.: 1) Relax. that is one of the essentials of this test; but don't lose your focus. 2) Take your time, rushing through the test will never acomplish anything but a bad grade. 3) NEVER give up. 4) Stay on task. If you lose your focus you could get in trouble. 5) Lower your stress. In the days leading up to the EOGs it is important not to get stressed out. Here are some ways to lower your stress: 1) Take deep breaths. 2) Read. 3) Listen to The Classical Station. 6) Get your sleep, don't stay up late. Unless, of course you want to watch your favorite show* Remember, in five days, it will be Saturday. *Clone Wars