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10 ways you can tell you're a parent (even at a rock concert)

October 05,2009
1. You feel smug because your cool low-slung Levis with the hole in one knee still fit and your daughter looks at you and says, "Oh no, Mama! You need to sew that hole!" 2. The only binoculars you can find to take to the concert are your nine-year old son's night vision ones. 3. You bring them anyway. 4. You empty your pockets for security at the concert entrance and find: a kleenex, chapstick, one acorn, and a rock shaped like a light saber. 5. The only chapstick you could find to grab out of the car before the concert was your daughter's cherry-berry lipsmackers. 6. You notice several kids in attendance and worry about whether the music might damage their young eardrums. 7. You try to take pictures at the concert but can't because your phone's memory is all used up. You can't bring yourself to erase the photos of your daughter showing off her new gap-in-her-mouth. Sorry, Bono. 8. You notice each and every child around you and, despite how much you love your own, you can't help but feel glad they are home, and tucked into bed. 9. In between the opening band's performance and U2 you seriously think about calling your mom to check up on the kids. 10. Before the concert starts you spend time in your seat deciding Monday's post will be this list.