Meaning and Origin of: Summer

Girl name origins & meanings

  • English, Arabic : Summer season

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Family name origins & meanings

  • English and German : from Middle English sum(m)er, Middle High German sumer ‘summer’, hence a nickname for someone of a warm or sunny disposition, or for someone associated with the season of summer in some other way.
  • English : assimilated variant of Sumner.
  • English : assimilated variant of Sumpter.
  • Irish (Leinster and Munster) : Anglicization (part translation) of Gaelic Ó Samhraidh ‘descendant of Samhradh’, a byname meaning ‘summer’. The Gaelic name is also Anglicized as O’Sawrie, O’Sawra.
  • German : from Middle High German summer ‘woven basket’ and, by extension, a measure of grain; also ‘drum’, hence a metonymic occupational name or nickname from any of these senses.

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