Meaning and Origin of: Fonda

Girl name origins & meanings

  • Spanish : Earth; grounded; profound

Girl name variations

Family name origins & meanings

  • Dutch : topographic name from fonda ‘mine’ (from Latinfundus, funda).
  • Catalan : possibly a topographic name from fonda ‘inn’, from Arabic funduq, or perhaps a nickname from fonda ‘slingshot’.
  • The name may also be Italian, a habitational name from a place named with the adjectivefondo, fonda ‘deep’, for example Cavafonda ‘deep cave’ or Vallefonda.
  • Jelles Fonda, son of Douw Fonda, came to North America from the Netherlands in 1642. His family was of Spanish or Catalan origin, having arrived in the Netherlands about a hundred years earlier via Genoa, according to some accounts fleeing from the Inquisition. Fonda, NY (county seat of Montgomery County), is named for Jelles Fonda; the actor Henry Fonda donated the Dutch family Bible to the library there.

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