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A Pack 'n Play is a great item  for travel and a safe and secure  place for your baby to play. But set up can be a little tricky at first! See this  demonstration on how to assemble  your baby's Pack 'n Play.

Transcript: Hi everyone, I'm Emily form FamilyEducation and today we're going to learn how to assemble a Graco Pack 'n Play. A Graco Pack 'n Play is a great portable crib that you can travel with or put in any room of your home to keep your baby safe and secure. The Graco Pack 'n Play is wrapped in this mattress pad which you're going to go ahead and place inside the crib once it's assembled. So the first thing you want to do is lay it down on its side. Always make sure your wheels are at the bottom. It makes it easier when your going to set it up. You have these two opposing velcro straps and your going to pull and release them. Then set the pad aside. Now we're going to focus on setting up the body of the Pack 'n Play. A crucial component you need to know is you have to lock all four sides into place before the center will even allow you to press down. I like to grab right over here in the center of each of the bars. You're going to hear a double click. You're going to lift it straight up "click -- click" and it's locked. Second side, "click--click". we go....fourth. Now that these are all locked, open it a little more for the legs to go out to the side. You grab your center strap and press down for it to lock into place. Then we come back to the mattress pad we talked about earlier. And we are going to make sure we tucked everything underneath. Go ahead and tuck everything into these four corners at the bottom. There you go, you have your fully secure Graco Pack 'n Play

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