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1 Hot Potato
In this St. Patrick's Day game, you must try not to get caught with the potato when the leprechaun yells "Shamrock!"...
2 Grow a Leprechaun
This holiday activity will inspire kids' creativity and pique their interest in science.
3 Handmade Four-Leaf Clovers: Art Activity for Kids
This St. Patrick's Day art activity is fun you and your little one. Learn how to make some lucky shamrocks with your child in ten easy steps.
4 Hide the Shamrock
This St. Patrick's Day activity is great fun. Finding the hidden shamrock is a challenge that children love!...
5 Shamrock Necklace
Cut out green and white St. Patrick's Day shamrocks, punch a hole in them, and have your toddler string them into a necklace.
6 Green Guessing Game
Three weeks before Saint Patrick's Day, put this jar together and see if your children can guess how many green candies are inside.
7 Shamrock Necklaces
Help your child make her own shamrock necklace to get in the St. Patrick's Day spirit.
8 Shamrock Men
Your child will enjoy celebrating St. Patrick's Day with this fun activity.
9 Potato Press Picture
Green paint and a potato stamp make an easy St. Patrick's Day art project.
10 Shamrock Rubbings
For St. Patrick's Day, your toddler can place a piece of paper over a sandpaper shamrock and make a crayon rubbing of the design.
11 Shamrock Hop
This is an active St. Patrick's Day game for four or more players. Play it on a carpeted surface to prevent slips and falls.
12 Mischievous Elf
Have fun assembling this adorable elf to set atop your bookcase, or to give as a gift.
13 Irish for a Day
Follow these instructions to sculpt your own shamrock pin to wear on St. Patrick's Day.
14 Lucky Leprechaun
These instructions make it easy to create a leprechaun box for St. Patrick's Day.
15 Pot o' Gold
Assemble a chest full of candy coins and send your kids on a treasure hunt for St. Patrick's Day.
16 St. Patrick's Day Carnations
Kids can watch white carnations turn green for a festive St. Patrick's Day flower.
17 Living Shamrock
This is a fun gardening activity, but it takes patience to see the grass grow!...
18 Rainbow's End
This cute craft makes a pretty centerpiece for a holiday party. Add some gold-foil chocolate coins for extra excitement.
19 Pot-of-Gold Hunt
You will be promoting your child's problem-solving skills while she plays this fun game.


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