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1 Fox and Geese
This game of tag requires four or more players and a large open area of snow.
2 Three-Legged Race
This guide provides all the instructions needed for a great three-legged outdoor race.
3 Outdoor Games for Parties
Try one or more of these fun outdoor games at your next party. Everyone is sure to enjoy them!...
4 Indoor/Outdoor Party Games
Try one or more of these fun indoor/outdoor games at your next party. Everyone is sure to be entertained!...
5 Hit the Ball
Follow the instructions for a bean bag throwing game. Can your child hit the ping-pong ball off the stick?...
6 Horseshoes
Follow these instructions for setting up the classic American game of horseshoes.
7 Quiet-Time Activity for Little Ones
Spend some quality quiet time with your child with this simple outdoor activity. Just take a blanket, pillows, and some books outside -- and relax!...
8 Inside-Out
This outdoor activity will help your child get oriented to the rooms of your house.
9 Kid-Friendly Golf
Here is a outdoor version of golf that kids can play. Putt on the greens!...
10 Target Practice
Here are directions for making a homemade target, complete with casing, for winter snowball games.
11 Nature Prints
Celebrate Earth Day by printing colorful nature art with your kids -- it's a natural craft activity everyone will love.
12 Snow Bricks
If you want to build a sturdy snow fort, all you have to do is follow this recipe for snow bricks.
13 Ice Candles
This outdoor activity will help you turn your backyard into a winter wonderland.
14 Giant Bubble Wand
Follow these directions to help your kids make their own magic wands -- then watch the bubbles fly free!...
15 Child's Time Capsule
Help your child write a letter expressing her likes and dislikes, and then make a time capsule to put it in.
16 Shadow Tag
Shadow Tag is a shady twist on the classic tag game. Try it on a sunny day!...
17 Terrific Twig Vase
Collect some twigs for this activity, and your kids can turn an empty jar into a beautiful twig vase!...
18 High Water
The high water activity will help to strengthen your child's muscles and improve her ability to concentrate.
19 Easter Egg Hunt
Have the whole family, and the whole neigborhood, join in for an Easter egg hunt.
20 Ready to Play
Try this activity with your child. By being your child's playmate, you can encourage her to build her athletic skills.


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