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Understanding Your Teen

Part of knowing how to deal with your teen's behavior is trying to understand who he is and what makes him tick.

Daughter Dyes Hair Red

It's normal for a 16-year-old to want to present herself physically as she chooses, not as her parents think she should look. read more

Essential Rules of Parenting: Raising Teenagers Successfully

When your child becomes a teenager, you're well over halfway through the job of raising them, and you have only a few years left to instill all those values and principles you want them to go into adult life with. And suddenly, they look as if they're throwing away all the work you've put in up to now. But actually, if you just keep your head, and follow these essential teenage Rules, you'll find you come out the other end with a terrific adult you can really be proud of. (Excerpted from "The Rules of Parenting" by Richard Templar) read more

Handling a Disrespectful Teenager

Many approaches can work with a teen who's out of control, but they all take time -- so you have to be in this for the long haul. read more

Mother/Daughter 101: Smart Tips for Raising Girls

Every mother/daughter relationship is different. Whether you and your daughter are close as can be or constantly battling, find out the key steps in building a strong relationship and raising a happy, healthy girl. (Also take a look at our mother/son relationship tips.) read more

Mother/Son 101: Smart Tips for Raising Boys

There are a lot of tips out there for a good mother/daughter relationship, but maintaining a healthy mother/son relationship is tricky and less talked about. Learn the keys to showing your son the ropes in life and staying connected as he grows. read more

My Parents Won't Respect My Privacy

What can you do when you feel that your parents are violating your privacy? read more

Parent Feels Unappreciated

During the teen years, most kids are alternately confused, insensitive, and totally self-absorbed, wanting nothing to do with their parents. read more

Safety Beyond Facebook: 12 Social Media Apps Every Parent Should Know About

Pop quiz: What is Voxer? If you're scratching your head, it's time to read up on the trendy new social media apps kids are using. Friending your child on Facebook is now just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to online safety. Click through to see some of the sites and apps tweens and teens are flocking to these days, and get useful tips for protecting your child from cyberbullying and other online safety hazards. Have you heard about a new app causing safety concerns? Please share in the comments! read more

Searching a Child's Room

Our expert calls this parental behavior "morally bankrupt, self-serving, and damaging." read more

The Traumatic Teen Years

The Traumatic Teen Years My 13 1/2-year-old daughter does not like school. In fact, in every class where she has a marginal (terrible) grade her teachers have kindly noted that she “does not work to her potential.” It is nice that they have seen her potential, but not one of them has told me how to cultivate a rose from a very thorny plant. She loves to draw and has no trouble motivating herself to follow her creative pursuits, but academics just give her the heebie-jeebies. read more