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Preteen and Tween Behavior

Not quite a little kid anymore, not quite a teen, your tween comes with her own challenges and behaviors.

10 Tips for Living in Peace with Your Preteen

10 Tips for Living in Peace with Your PreteenBrought to you by the American School Counselor Association The explosive preteen They can be temperamental and unpredictable -- one wrong move could set them off. Living with a preteen can sometimes feel like a walk through a minefield. How can you keep the peace and still make sure that homework and chores get done? Here are 10 tips that can help. read more

A Safety Quiz for Your Middle-Schooler

Take a safety quiz -- based on real-life situations -- and find out just how much you know. read more

Boy-Friendly Environments

Boy-Friendly Environments Once you understand that an energetic boy problem is really a problem of a boy's inability to adjust to environments and acquire habits that are basically at odds with his nature, finding solutions may seem harder rather than easier. read more

Changes in Behavior

Sometimes children on the cusp of adolescence experience drastic changes in behavior. read more

Conversing with Tweens

Conversing with Tweens It is important to continue talking to your tween about important issues even though he is silent, distracted, and preoccupied with people and events outside the family. Just don't expect him to respond with words — at least, not right away. Tweens often appear not to have heard, but they take in a lot unconsciously. They may respond a week or a month later as if you had just finished speaking a moment ago. read more

Dealing with Pre-adolescent Cattiness

Most pre-adolescents experience cattiness, but there are ways to boost their self-esteem. read more

Do You Know How to Keep Your Middle-Schooler Safe?

Find out what you need to do to keep your child out of harm's way. Take this quiz, based on Gavin de Becker's best-selling book, Protecting the Gift. read more

Fifth-Grade Attitude

Mood swings and low self-esteem are common among pre-pubescents. read more

How to Open Your Preteen's Mind

How to Open Your Preteen's MindBrought to you by the American School Counselor Association For preteens who are struggling to "fit in," diversity and tolerance can seem like foreign concepts. Kids this age often obsess about having the right hairstyle and clothes and using the same lingo as their friends. read more

Inside the Mind of a Tween

Inside the Mind of a Tween Tweens see the world in black and white and have great difficulty discerning shades of gray. Accordingly, they consider people nice or mean, situations fair or not, and can easily categorize almost everything else in the world under the headings of "good" and "bad." They are not rigid, however, because they change their minds at the drop of a hat and have no problem deciding that someone they previously regarded as nice is really mean, or that something that they thought was terribly unfair is really just, after all. read more

Just a Phase?

Prepubescent children often seem to withdraw from the family. Find out what's normal. read more

My Preteen's Driving Me Crazy: What Should I Do?

There may be a developmental reason for what you view as laziness or hostility in your preteen. Find out where your child is really coming from. Take this quiz! read more

Pre-adolescent Roller Coaster

Here's how to help your child while she goes through the challenges of pre-adolescence. read more

Preteen Wants to Dress Like Britney Spears

Should a 12-year-old girl to be wearing make-up or clothing that mimics an entertainer like Britney Spears? read more

Raising Preteens: Realizing How Uncool You Have Become

Raising Preteens: Realizing How Uncool You Have Become Being the mother of a preteen is not the most ego-gratifying period of a woman's life. If you thought you were clueless about what to do when the baby was brand new, think again—this is the time when you really begin to doubt that you know what you're doing. You have far less control over your preteen children than you've ever had, because the second they leave your house they are making all kinds of decisions you may never know about. read more

The Pressures on Adolescent Girls

The Pressures on Adolescent Girls Adolescence is marked by an internal struggle between one's true self and a false projection of self, contends Mary Pipher, Ph.D., and author of Reviving Ophelia, Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls (G.P. Putnam, 1994). "Adolescence is when girls experience social pressure to put aside their authentic selves and to display only a small portion of their gifts," Pipher says. read more

The Tween Years: When Parents Become Fallen Heroes

The Tween Years: When Parents Become Fallen Heroes Almost every parent reacts unhappily when suddenly confronted with the undeniable signs that their baby is truly growing up. At such moments the road to independence can seem very short and the speed at which your child is hurtling toward the grand finish line of adulthood can seem frightening. read more

Too Young to Date?

There are many developmental, emotional, and social reasons why an 11-year-old should not be dating. read more

Tween Burnout

Tween Burnout Scouting, dance lessons, karate classes, chess clubs, soccer teams, swim meets—the list of extracurricular activities tweens may be involved in is endless. Too many structured activities can deprive tweens of the time they need to socialize with friends, spend time with their families, and have time alone with their books, music, and collections so they can relax, unwind, and decompress. read more

What to Say When Your Child Must Have That Dress

What to Say When Your Child Must Have That DressWhat if you're unable or unwilling to drop fifty bucks on a single outfit? If you just say no to the long list of must haves, will your child, and/or your relationship with your child suffer? Patricia Adler, co-author of a new book, Peer Power: Preadolescent Culture and Identity, advises parents to convey a sense of respect when dealing with their preteen's obsession with clothes and appearance. read more

What's Going on Inside Your Daughter's Adolescent Head?

What's Going on Inside Your Daughter's Adolescent Head? A lot! Here's where the surprises come into the picture. Your adolescent is groping for connectedness and individuality, not separation! Apter's revolutionary study found that your daughter isn't trying to break away from you as was previously thought. read more

When Your Child Becomes a Preteen

When Your Child Becomes a Preteen It happens when you least expect it. Boom! Everything changes. One day your little girl looks at you as though you are the embodiment of a goddess, and the next day she tells you your haircut makes you look like a geezer. You'll get no warning, but one day your happy, tender mother-daughter talks will start sounding like this: read more

Why Tweens Don't Do Their Chores

Why Tweens Don't Do Their Chores Little neatniks pick up their rooms without a dozen reminders, brush their teeth without cutting corners, and wash their hands before meals without being told. Very compliant tweens dust and vacuum, set and clear the table, help care for younger children, and do other chores without needing constant reminders. However, such responsible types are somewhat rare because they violate the two tween golden rules: read more

Your Rebel Daughter Has a Cause

Your Rebel Daughter Has a Cause The whole notion of rebelling should be taking on a new light as you read through this chapter. This isn't to say that girls don't rebel against authority, social forces, or their moms. But much of what we loosely termed rebellion before, may, in fact, be something else. read more

Your Son's Adolescence

Your Son's Adolescence Adolescence is a critically important part of healthy human development, but it is rarely simple. Teens have to make sense of several conflicting needs. They want to remain connected to parents and family (although they may not want to admit it). They want adult privileges and opportunities. They may feel anxious about their approaching independence. read more