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Establishing Schedules and Curriculum

Find tips to develop a curriculum and set a routine to help keep your homeschooled child on track.

Adding Audio-Visual Equipment to Your Homeschool Classroom

Adding Audio-Visual Equipment to Your Homeschool ClassroomThere are thousands of DVDs, videotapes, cassettes, and audio CDs available today that you will find valuable additions to your curriculum. These include documentaries on DVD, such as Ken Burns' seminal The Civil War miniseries, to instructional programs to foreign language lessons on CD. To take advantage of all these types of resources, you'll need to equip your schoolroom with the following equipment: read more

Adding Field Trips to Your Homeschool

Adding Field Trips to Your HomeschoolField trips are a great addition to your homeschool for a number of reasons, including the following:Improved learning. Field trips are a great way to make the lessons you are teaching to your students more real; this helps them see the practical applications of their education. Broadened horizons. You can use field trips to expose your children to all sorts of experiences. read more

Building the Curricula You Will Use to Homeschool

Building the Curricula You Will Use to HomeschoolAlthough the list of subjects is what you will teach, the curricula are how you will teach those subjects. You will need a curriculum for each subject for each student for each year. What Is a Curriculum and Why Is It Important? read more

Choosing a Homeschool Curriculum

Choosing a Homeschool Curriculum If you're new to homeschooling, finding the perfect learning plan for your child can be a challenge. Most public and private schools use a formal curriculum for each student, and you may mistakenly believe you must follow that same path at home. Families often begin homeschooling using a complete curriculum package. Many, however, find the structure or workload overwhelming and begin to experiment with different teaching methods. The trick is to find a method that accommodates your child's learning style. read more

Coordinating Work and Homeschooling

Advice from a homeschooling expert for a single mom who works full-time and wants to homeschool her teen. read more

Creating and Maintaining a Homeschool Calendar and Schedule

Creating and Maintaining a Homeschool Calendar and ScheduleNow that you know how many days of instruction (school days) you will have in a year, when the school year will start, and when the breaks will be, you are ready to create your homeschool's calendar. read more

Creating Lesson Plans for Homeschooling

Creating Lesson Plans for HomeschoolingAfter you have identified the school days in your school year, you will be ready to start planning what you will be doing on each of those days. This is where lesson planning comes in to the equation. You will need to create a lesson plan for each student for each school day. This plan determines what you will teach and when you will teach it throughout the year. read more

Curricula for Gifted Students

Advice from a homeschooling expert on the best curricula for gifted and talented students. read more

Defining Your Homeschool Year

Defining Your Homeschool YearIn order to start the process of lesson planning, you need to know how much time you are planning for; in other words, what is a school year for your homeschool? First, determine the total number of school days in your school year. read more

Determining the Legal Requirements in Your State for Homeschooling

Determining the Legal Requirements in Your State for HomeschoolingAs a homeschooler, you must understand your state's education regulations that impact your homeschool. Then, you must make sure that your homeschool complies with these regulations and that you can document that it does so. Homeschooling and the Home School Legal Defense Association read more

Developing a Curriculum for Homeschooling

Developing a Curriculum for HomeschoolingOnce you have selected topics and understand the types of resources that are available to you, it's time to identify the curricula you need. As with the subjects you select, you will need a curricular for each topic for each student for the upcoming year. You should identify your needs using the subject list that you created earlier. Curricula Needs by Student and Grade Level Student: JillGrade Level: 5th Grade read more

Developing a Home Classroom

Developing a Home Classroom Homeschooling is, no doubt, a somewhat serious task for you; after all, it is very important as to how your children will grow and become capable adults. This requires a certain amount of discipline on your part; the place where you homeschool will have an impact on the effectiveness of your efforts. If your homeschool area is too casual, it will be harder for your children to take the effort as seriously as they should. No matter how much space you can devote to homeschooling, try to make that area as dedicated to your school as you can. read more

Documenting a Field Trip

Documenting a Field TripBefore you take a field trip, think of some ways to document your field trip. This is useful for documentation purposes and it can be useful for follow-up work that you might require your students to complete, such as a field trip report. Here are some ideas to help you do this: read more

Getting Started in Eight Steps

Getting Started in Eight StepsThe number-one question thousands of parents ask is probably your next question: How do I get started? The good news is that it is not hard to get started homeschooling, and certainly not as hard as many parents perceive it to be. read more

Homeschooled Teen Needs to Make Better Use of Time

You, your husband, and your son need to write down your goals and objectives. You may discover that you and your son have a very different idea of what he "should" be doing. read more

Homeschooling a Gifted Sixth-Grader

A child who is motivated and learns easily is an ideal candidate for homeschooling. read more

Homeschooling in the Evenings

Advice from a homeschooling expert on homeschooling in the evenings. read more

Homeschooling Multiple Children

Advice from a homeschooling expert on schooling four children at home. read more

Homeschooling Teens: Teaching and Record Keeping

Homeschooling Teens:Teaching and Record Keeping Isabel Shaw  What Subjects Do I Teach?Homeschooling: The Teen Years by Cafi Cohen outlines how to set up and follow a high school curriculum. If your child plans to attend college, Cohen advises you to begin your studies with the following subjects: read more

Homeschooling: Adding a Computer and the Internet to Your Classroom

Homeschooling: Adding a Computer and the Internet to Your ClassroomA computer with Internet access is essential to a homeschool for a number of reasons, including the following:You can access most of the reference information you will ever need, both for your students as part of the learning process, and for you to plan and conduct your homeschool. Enable your children to learn valuable computer skills that they will need throughout their life. Your students will be able to use word processing and other software to do their work. read more

Homeschooling: Choosing the Subjects You Will Teach in a School Year

Homeschooling: Choosing the Subjects You Will Teach in a School YearThe first step in planning your school year is to select the subjects that you will be teaching each student during the upcoming year; the subjects define what you are going to teach. Initially, your subjects might be quite general, for example subjects like math, history, geography, science, and so on. read more

Homeschooling: Determining Each Child's Current Education Level

Homeschooling: Determining Each Child's Current Education LevelThe idea here is to get a relative baseline of where your child stands in terms of grade year. This will help you determine the topics you need to teach and the resources you will use to teach those topics; because teaching materials are rated by grade, such as first grade, second grade, and so on, it's important that you know what your students' grade levels are. Figuring this out depends on how old your children are and if they are currently involved in an institutional school. read more

Homeschooling: Determining Each Child's Learning Style

Homeschooling: Determining Each Child's Learning Style One of the great things about us humans is that each of us has a unique personality. One of the hard things about educating humans is that each person has a unique personality; a person's personality has a huge impact on how that person learns most effectively. One of the best things about homeschooling is that you can tailor your homeschool program to match the individual personalities of your students. read more

How Much Time to Spend on Homeschooling

Advice from a homeschooling expert on how much time should be spent each week on homeschooling. read more

I Hate Reading -- Should I Homeschool My Child?

To be a successful homeschooling parent, you will have to do some reading, and encourage your child to read also. Could your husband assist you in the reading department? Will he be willing to devote some time to work with your daughter? read more

Including Vacations in Your Homeschool

Including Vacations in Your HomeschoolFor homeschool families, vacations are often the ultimate field trip. The great thing about using a vacation as a field trip is that your kids will be learning without even realizing it! There are many ways to plan and take a vacation that includes lots of learning opportunities while your family has a fun and relaxing time. The following list provides just a few examples to get your creative thought processes going: read more

Is My Child Educationally On-Target?

Advice from a homeschooling expert on whether a homeschooled child is on-target with her public-schooled peers. read more

Is My Son Abusing His Homeschooling Freedom?

The fact that your son is completing his assignments and turning them in each week shows that some work is being done. read more

Phonics for Homeschoolers

How important is phonics work for middle-school aged homeschoolers? read more

Planning for a Field Trip

Planning for a Field Trip Give and take is part of the homeschool life. Although you will no doubt participate in field trips that other people organize and run, you should also be prepared to plan field trips in which others can participate. And, someone might not be planning a field trip that interests you. In any case, at some point you are likely to want to plan and conduct a field trip yourself. This requires the following steps:Decide what field trip you want to plan. Plan the field trip. read more