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  • Family-friendly?

    If you are a working parent, is your company family-friendly? Take a minute to think about what you think family-friendly really means--in your ideal world (we're not talking reality, here). You can make a list, as I make my students often do in class, whenever I want to challenge them to think about a topic. Some things I would put on my list would be: 1. Good affordable health care benefits for families (including dental and vision) 2. Flexible work time 3. Extended leave for pregnancy/il read more

  • Oscar-Themed Movie Night Ideas

    With the 86th Academy Awards airing this Sunday -- and some more winter weather in the works (two thumbs down!) -- this seems like the perfect weekend to have an Oscar-themed movie night!I've handpicked some classic Oscar-winning movies to watch with your kids. There are some obvious family favorites -- The Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins, E.T. -- but also some oldies but goodies you might have forgotten about, like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Around the World in 80 Days. They're worth s read more

  • Thanksgiving Activities for Your Family: Games, Movies & More!

    Don't tell Santa Claus, but Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Yours too? A big part of what makes it so great is the focus on meaningful family time, rather than gift giving. Looking for some fun things to do -- besides take a nap (also fun) -- on Turkey Day? Try some of our favorite Thanksgiving activities...Games! Thanksgiving Parage BingoPin the Feathers on the TurkeyPin the Hat on the PilgrimBoard game tournamentScavenger huntTouch football and other outdoor group gamesMovies!Family M read more

  • Oscars!

    With the Oscar awards being broadcast tomorrow night, I thought this would be a cool thing to check out for the family! Slideshow: 2011 Family-Friendly Oscar-Nominated Movies http://fun.familyeducation.com/Oscar-Nominees/movies/68693.html read more

  • July 2014

    Hi! Anyone due July 2014? I'm a FTM due July 19. I have my first appointment nov 29 and am excited to see my little bean :) read more

  • April 2014

    Hi Im looking for moms due April 2014. Im 5/6 weeks pregnant, first time mom from South Afica. Would like to chat to ladies about their pregnancy. I'm not telling anyone until the end of first trimester so some buddies would be nice :) Regards read more

  • movies and friends

    my 12 year old daughter is asking to go to the movies with friends, be dropped off and picked up after the movies, I am thinking she is still too young for this, how do I know what the right age is? need help read more

  • Movies and Videos

    Hi Everyone, I am wondering how many of you would be considered too strict when it comes to movies and videos.  I have been accused of that.  We don't go to many movies or watch many new videos or watch many tv shows. What about all of you? Thanks, mimomof5 read more

  • Due June 2014

    Anyone else recently find out they're expecting? I am going on 6 weeks and waiting impatiently for my first prenatal appointment November 5th. read more

  • due date september 2014

    hi everyone, i'm due september 26, which makes me a little over 6 weeks now! i'm very excited, as this will be my first child. let me know if there's anyone else out there with a due date in september! read more

  • Due August 2014

    I was looking for other people who were due in August but could not find a message board so I decided to start one myself I am due August 10th I'll be exactly 14 weeks tomorrow and this will be my 5th child I hope there are other people out there who are due in August too read more